Top Treatments for Stretch Mark

Stretch Marks are a form of scarring that occurs when a person’s skin get overstretched. They are VERY common when you’re pregnant or overweight.

Stretch marks initially appear as purple or red lines, but will naturally fade to white or off-white after a period of six to twelve months.

The Main Causes Of Stretch Marks Are:

1) Pregnancy

2) Obesity

Stretch Marks aren’t just a female problem – oh no – few people realize, but they’re a common complaint of male body builders. Stretched skin of any sort could result in stretch marks.

Here are a Few Possible Solutions For Your Stretch Marks…

Stretch mark treatments range from medical procedure to products with over the top promises.

Top 3 Treatments

1. DERMABRASION: It’s serious business…

Dermabrasion is a dangerous medical procedure which takes place under general anesthetic. Then your doctor removes the surface layer of skin by essentially sandblasting it off. The aims here is to lessen the appearance of scarring due to stretch marks.

But it’s a painful procedure, and it can take several months to recover. However, the results seem to be worth it. No pain, no gain (or loss in this case).

The results are best when the treated marks are on the surface skin and can be less efficient in treating sunken ones.

Warning: any procedure involving general anesthetic should be considered serious. It has a significant risk and can even be life-threatening. Please get a second opinion before attempting this procedure.

2. MICRODERMABRASION: Or ‘Microderm’ is a far less invasive procedure which explains its popularity throughout the health and beauty community.

In microdermabrasion, a wand with a rough surface lightly sands the surface skin away. The jettisoned particles are sucked up into a device attached to the wand.

Microdermabrasion is known to be a safe and painless procedure which does not require anesthetic. Hence people’s willingness to get this procedure.

3. SKIN TREATMENT CREAMS: These products are safe and very easy to apply. But buyer beware some products make ‘wild claims’ about their creams effectiveness. Remember, like buying ocean front property in Arizona, if it sounds too good to be true — it is.

However, some specially formulated stretch mark creams are very effective, and thousands of consumers swear by them.

But do your due diligence when finding the best product for you. Always read reviews and find out all the facts before making a purchase.

Our Top Pick For A SAFE And EFFECTIVE Cream…

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