The Truth About Stretch Marks

The Why

As we know, stretch marks occur when the skin rapidly stretches, and even though our skin is very elastic, this overstretching causes stretch marks.

Stretch marks are most common during puberty when teen bodies go through a whirlwind of rapid changes, when a woman gets pregnant or when we gain or lose a lot of weight.

Due to the elasticity of our skin, when collagen production can’t keep up with the skin’s needs, stretch marks form in certain areas of our body.

The Truth About Stretch Marks

Though the stretch marks appear to be happening on the outside, the stretching actually happens on the inside.

Your dermis, the inner layer of skin that provides strength and elasticity, gets thinner and uneven as the skin stretches and gets more transparent. That’s when stretch marks begin to show. An increase in cortisol causes this….

Your cortisone levels determine the severity of your stretch marks. Cortisol reduces the skin’s pliability, affecting the dermis by stopping collagen and elastin fibers from forming. These are both necessary in keeping the rapidly growing skin elastic.

The new tissue growth from pregnancy or weight gain interferes with the support systems of the skin by displacing the supportive tissue. This lack of supportive material and the surfaces stretching leads to tearing, which is what produces the scars known as stretch marks.

Effects On The Body…

Stretch mark starts developing on pregnant women’s bellies during around six months into their pregnancies. Since the skin stretches to make space for your baby who’s steadily growing inside your belly. The bigger the baby or, the amount of weight you gain can effect the severity of yoru stretch marks.

Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, a woman’s body is ravaged by stretch marks. Her biggest problem areas being the stomach, hips, and breasts. And women with weaker collagen tend to get more and more severe stretch marks, which tend to take longer to heal.

When a woman has weak pelvic floor ligaments, they tend to get more stretch marks. But this is correctable with pelvic floor exercises, which is also an effective measure against urinary incontinence.

Your skin color may play a part as well. Depending on your skin color, the marks range from pink to brown or even a darker color. These reddish-brown marks will gradually fade to more like shiny silver lines.

All stretch marks should disappear after a few months but can linger depending on the severity of the stretch marks.

Some Remedies To Remove Your Stretch Marks…

Collagen creams said to help, though the benefits are still unproven. Plese, check with your physician before starting a regimen.

Cocoa butter is another home remedy. It’s said to do wonders for softening scars and keeping your skin healthy.

Olive oil and Vitamin E oil should help get rid or lessen your stretch marks.

-A diet rich in protein, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, is said to help grow tissue which allegedly can help heal stretch marks.

Massaging oil into your skin will help make your skin more supple and soft.

-A mixture of carrier oils like avocado or jojoba mixed with drops of lavender and chamomile is said to do wonders for your skin.

Another mixture that is said to help: half-a-cup of olive oil, one-fourth cup aloe vera, six liquid caps of Vitamin E and four liquid caps of Vitamin A. Mix these ingredients together and store it in your refrigerator overnight. You should apply this daily for best result.

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