The Cure For Stretch Marks, Is It In Your Pantry?

Stretch marks are caused by a lack of collagen in the body which causes a loosening of the skin which is then easier to stretch and break in cases where a person gains excess weight.

Pregnancy And Stretch Marks

Pregnant women get red stretch marks across their abdomen, breasts, arms, legs, and buttocks; this is due to rapid weight gain during pregnancy and hormonal shifts.

To avoid this, women should ask their doctors about a diet plan that enables them to gain weight more slowly, preventing stretch marks from appearing as a result of rapid weight gain.

The presence of stretch marks is further complicated if you have dry skin. If this is the case, you should avoid places that dry out your skin or risk irritation and increase the visibility of your stretch marks.

Did you know that stretch marks are never totally eliminated, and most of the available treatments only minimize the visibility of them on your skin?

The Answer Is In Your Pantry…

Fruits and Veggies

Besides being essential for a healthy body, fruits and vegetables are vital in stopping stretch marks as they contain various vitamins and nutrients that enhance the skin’s vitality.

Olive Oil

You don’t have to look far to discover the cure for your stretch marked skin; simply go to your kitchen pantry where you’re bound to find a bottle of olive oil or maybe tea tree oil, they are both famous for fading stretch marks.

Vitamin E

You’ll be astonished to discover that the old wives tales about VITAMIN E’s curative properties are true. Vitamin E when rubbed deep into the skin everyday tightens the surface of the skin and minimizes the appearance of stretch marks.

When rubbed into your skin every day, vitamin E tightens the surface skin and helps minimize the appearance of stretch marks.

Massaging a mixture of cocoa butter and vitamin E all over your body helps to even out your skin tone, promote elasticity by exfoliating your skin and may reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Other Oils

Using cod liver oil on your skin can go a long way in getting rid of those ugly stretch marks.

Mandarin oil can moisturize and nurture your skin while at the same time, enhance tautness, and lessen stretch mark severity.

It’s important to distinguish between the bogus claims of some stretch mark creams and those that actually work. The only way to do that is to be more informed about the various stretch mark treatments.

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