Which Is The Best Stretch Mark Removal Option For You?

Stretch Marks: The Truth

Who has to worry most about stretch marks? People who are genetically disposed to them, and just about anyone with skin, especially pregnant women.

Some people think that nothing that can be done about their stretch marks. They believe once you have them, you have them for life. But there’s good news — that’s just not true!There are many stretch mark removal options. Some are expensive,

There are many stretch mark removal options. Some are expensive, some are painful, some are complicated, and some just take too long for our fast results oriented society. So, when deciding, you must many weigh options to decide which one is right for you.

Pick A Winner

Factors to help you determine which treatment is right for you:

  1. Price
  2. Ease
  3. Painlessness
  4. Speed

Choose well, decide which of these factors are essential to you, because you can usually have three but not all four.

  • Treatments can be easy and fast, but that usually makes them expensive.
  • They can be cheap and painless, but those usually take a long time.
  • Or worst case scenario — the treatments can be difficult, painful and ineffective.

Main Types Of Treatments

Time And Time Again: Many stretch marks will fade over time, and become much less noticeable. Some people can live with that, plus there’s makeup you can apply to cover them that is made for that express purpose.

These treatments are annoying and time-consuming.

Blast Them Off: For those who don’t want to wait or cover them up, laser therapy is another option. The color and severity of the marks will determine the type of laser your surgeon will use.

One kind of laser treatment stimulates the production of cells that make pigment, another reduces the color.One laser stimulates the production of the pigment cells,  and yet another diminishes stretch marks’ color.

Finally there’ s even a laser treatment that stimulates collagen production and restores elasticity in the stretch marks themselves. Skin that’s stretched past its limit causes stretch marks to be formed. This damages the skin’s middle layer, which is called the dermis.

One last light related treatment is photodynamic or blue light therapy. This mix of gel and light helps remove your stretch marks.

All of these procedures are expensive and some are even painful. One thing to remember is that stretch marks pose no real threat. They’re an imperfection, not a health risk.

Safe and Time Tested: Creams are the old school way to treat stretch marks. They keep skin moisturized, they repairing collagen and even encourage elastin growth. Creams usually contain some combination of cocoa butter, lanolin, and vitamin E.

They might not be as cool and futuristic as “friggin’ lasers,” but creams are very effective. Especially when used while your skin’s being stretched, such as during pregnancy, they will help your skin stay supple, smooth and elastic.

Meaning, prevention’s the best medicine for those who are susceptible. If you didn’t happen to apply cream during your pregnancy, the sooner you do the better.

There’s a lot to learn about stretch marks so take the time to read well-researched articles, like the ones on our site. Don’t miss out on the rest of our great content.

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