Stretch Mark Prevention Is The Best Medicine

Stretch Marks: The Pink Menace

Stretch marks are tears in your skin, which occur when your skin stretches a lot over a shortperiod. This prevalent, especially during pregnancy.

They start as slightly raised red lines on the skin. The color of which is purely dependent upon your skin color.

Stretch marks can be a pinkish color, reddish, brownish or dark brown depending upon your complexion.

Fun Facts About Stretch Marks

The medical community refers to stretch mark as stria.

Stretch marks can occur anywhere skin has been stretched out, but mostly happen where your body stores fat. (IE the stomach, breasts, thighs, and butt)

People assume that only woman get stretch marks since they’re the only ones capable of getting pregnant, but men can get stretch marks too. (Everyone can gain weight)

Your skin suddenly stretching is what causes stretch marks. Your epidermis, outer layer of skin, isn’t affected by this, but your dermis, a layer of living tissue, thins out and develops tears.

Main Reasons Stretch Marks Occur:

1. Pregnancy: Almost 90 percent of pregnant women develop stretch mark on their stomachs, breast, thighs, legs, or shoulders. Usually, appearing around the 6-7th month of pregnancy.

2. Growth Spurts: When adolescents are developing they are prone to stretch marks. Boys get them on their shoulder while girls occur around the hips, thighs, and breast.

3. Athletics: Athletes who weight train or bodybuild are prone to getting stretch marks.

4. Weight Loss/Weight Gain: Gaining a lot of weight in a short time also causes stretch marks. Oppositely, if you lose a bunch of weight, there’s a strong possibility you’ll get stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Removal…

Nothing is 100%, but these treatments might help fade your stretch marks.

Moisturizers and creams Creams containing alpha hydroxyl acid (AHAs) can contribute to reducing stretch marks. They may help prevent and lessen the ugly appearance of stretchmarks.

Laser surgery is another option, but it’s expensive. Although it doesn’t remove stretch marks, it does help make them less noticeable.

Surgery is an extreme option, and it’s the most expensive one as well, but it does work. Especially at removing stretch marks bellow the belly button.

Stretch Mark Prevention…

When trying to avoid stretch marks, it’s important to maintain a healthy weight. Diets that cause your weight to fluctuate quickly can cause stretch marks.

Massaging your skin daily with moisturizer may help prevent stretch marks by improving the blood circulation, which contributes in encouraging new tissue growth. Also, eat foods packed with nutrients, which helps keep your skin healthy.

Lastly, if you’re pregnant and don’t want stretch mark, only gain a healthy amount of weight (25-35 pounds). This strategy should keep stretch marks at bay since your skin won’t overstretch. So only eat enough calories to nourish you beautiful growing baby (But tell that to the cravings, I know). Remember, to eat a well-balanced diet and get essential fatty acids.

Also, using a cream designed to prevent stretch marks can help you avoid them. By keeping your skin moisturized and taking in proper nutrients, you should be able to keep stretch marks to a minimum.

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